AIMPLAS’s field of work is related to technological research and development of thermoplastic materials and products, its transformation processes and their recyclability and sustainability.


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SINTEF is the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia.

SINTEF is a broadly based, multidisciplinary research concern that possesses international top-level expertise in technology, medicine and the social sciences.

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The National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (NCSRD) is the largest multidisciplinary research center in Greece, ranked among the best in Europe, with high level expertise and advanced infrastructure in the fields of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, Energy & Environment, Biosciences, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Informatics & Telecommunications.

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The Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) is a leading independent European research and technology organisation and consulting centre that develops innovative products and sustainable processes and delivers client-oriented research projects, building on its decades-long experience of multidisciplinary research.

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Promethean Particles


 Promethean Particles Ltd. is a UK-based SME that designs and develops inorganic nanomaterials in liquid dispersion. The company technology is based on a patented reactor system that allows truly continuous synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles (patent WO2005077505). Promethean now own and operate the largest, continuous, multi-material nanoparticle manufacturing plant in the world. 

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Nanocyl SA was founded in 2002 as a spin-off of two Belgian universities. It is currently the leading manufacturer of carbon nanotube (CNT) powders and CNT-based materials (compounds based on CNTs dispersed in different matrices) worldwide.

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Process Design Center (PDC)


Process Design Center BV (PDC) is a leading technology provider in structured conceptual design methodologies. PDC´s proprietary expert system PROSYN® and conceptual design methods have been used in numerous industrial projects reaching capital & operating cost savings up to 50 % compared to existing state-of-the-art designs. PDC’s expertise in conceptual process design, techno-economic evaluation, energy efficiency and sustainability bridges the gap between R&D and industrial application.

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CSP – Centro Sviluppo Progetti (WASP)


CSP s.r.l., Centro Sviluppo Progetti has a consolidated experience in developing 3D printing machines for different scopes and applications. The Company is able to construct ad hoc 3D printers depending on the specific application and accuracy required including a wide range of Delta printers for FDM (Fused deposition modeling) or LDM (Liquid deposition modeling).

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SUK Hellas


SUK HELLAS Ltd., is a Greek-German company for Waste Management & Environmental Applications having long experience in providing services for the protection of the environment and the implementation of environmental projects, provides comprehensive proposals and solutions, and advanced technology services in liquid, gas and solid waste management issues, while promoting selected high-quality products based on modern concepts of addressing environmental problems.

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6T-MIC Ingénieries


6TMIC is a company specialised in innovative process engineering and R&D management in the fields of renewable sources and sustainable development. Main activities are R&D subcontracting and management - Modelling for process intensification, up scaling and industrialisation of chemical and electrochemical processes.

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Abalonyx is a Norwegian SME, up to recently primarily engaged in R&D related to graphene oxide and graphene oxide derivatives for functional nano-composites, nano-laminates and coatings applications. The company started commercial production and sales of graphene oxide (GO) in 2015 and reduced graphene oxide (rGO) in early 2016. Technology basis is both in materials and methods. 

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TITAN Cement S.A. is the largest cement and building materials producer in Greece and ranked 28th globally (Global Cement, 2013).TITAN Group employs more than 5,650 people world-wide (USA, Egypt, Albania, FYROM, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Turkey & Western Europe). Among TITAN's main tasks are GHG emission reduction strategies, valorisation of alternative fuels and raw materials, and the development of alternative cementitious materials.

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Petkim, as the sole producer of basic petrochemicals and the biggest

producer of thermoplastics and intermediates, is the leader company of Turkish petrochemical industry since 1970. With over 50 petrochemical products in its product range, Petkim is the most important raw material supplier in the Turkish industry and has a privileged position in the private sector in terms of its profitability and production performance.

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Motor Oil (Hellas)


Motor Oil (Hellas) Corinth Refineries S.A. owns and operates one of the largest refineries in South-eastern Europe with a high complexity rating (Nelson Complexity Index of 11.54) which is among the highest at European and worldwide level.

MOH is committed to being a leader in the petroleum refining business providing the region and serving a reliable and affordable supply of energy. 

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Qi Energy / Qi Europe (QiE)


After more than 20 years involved in clean and sustainable projects, Qi Europe is now made up of a group of senior experts on technology impact assessment, on the path from R&D to the market. Qi Europe executes technical work (economic analysis such as business models and business plans, LCCA, cost-benefits analysis, environmental studies such as LCA and market studies, among others.), with the aim of promoting sustainable growth in advanced technologies and creating niches of technological, industrial and social leadership at European and global level.

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